Saturday, January 5, 2008

Platoon in wedge formation FOB Knott advanced urban combat training area and happy place

There are 39 targets here, excluding the big poster board ones, set out as a platoon in wedge formation. The depth is over two meters but you cannot tell from the camera view, and the width is over 75 meters. At the far berm is an HQ element/array and to the right is a weapons squad machinegun team array both are out of view, squad leader and one team. Try shooting these down in 120 degree heat in less than 3 minutes. The tgts are simply metal plate cut outs propped up with a stick, very effective markmanship training for a an Iraqi Army unit. Throw some smoke or do it at night and is very dificult to shoot these down quickly. There is a bunker to the left to clear by ahdn grenade and three fighting positions dug beyond it. One word of advice though, put all the tgts at ground level and if prone zeroing make sure they are shooting down hill or you go over the berm. The wooden tgts were overkill, they should have been at ground level and simpler. The metal ones were exceptional and could be thrown back in a truck to take back to the unit and brought out easily the next trip, or left like these. We drug the ground like a baseball diamond with a hummer and HESCO barrior unfilled and folded up, we threw rocks on it for weight. The metal tgts can be made in less than four six hours and sticks are generally free. The Iraqi Army suffered from no pop-up tgts are KMTB/FOB Caldwell there was no way to tell if they hit the tgt and they were not zeroed so this was the our solution, shoot low and come up on tgt by KY windage or with a spotter at distance saying up/left/right/down as the guy shot in semi automatic mode aiming instead of spraying AK Gangster style. Yo. yo. you high again bro.