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If I find one of anything 278th I will stick a link on here just to keep piling up the material.

This one above is General Taluto then video of 42nd ID same as the one in his bio below just added it again. 42ID was of course our Task Force Liberty HQ element.

Wednesday, 26 October 2005
October 26, 2005
Release A051026f
Iraqi army’s 5th Division assumes greater role in Diyala Province
TIKRIT, Iraq – More than 3,000 Soldiers from Task Force Liberty and the 278th Regimental Combat Team will conclude their mission in eastern Diyala Province with a departure ceremony on Forward Operating Base Caldwell on Oct. 29th at 11:30 a.m.
The 1st Brigade of the Iraqi army’s 5th Division in Diyala, because of their proven operational capabilities, will take on a greater security role in the military operations in the sector during the ceremony. The Iraqi 1st Brigade continues to train and equip its forces while providing command and control for battalion-sized operations in eastern Diyala Province.
The regiment, from the Tennessee Army National Guard, achieved significant success during its operations in eastern Diyala Province. Troopers of the regimental combat team conducted more than 13,000 combat patrols during their eleven months of service. The 278th RCT would achieve an IED discovery rate of near 60%, preventing the needless loss of life among Task Force Liberty Soldiers and Iraqi civilians.
The 278th seized and destroyed more than 340 weapons caches of bomb making materials and another 275 stockpiles of unexploded ordnance.
The partnership of the regiment with Iraqi Security Forces resulted in the training of more than 10,000 Iraqi soldiers, police officers and border enforcement personnel.
The impact of the regiment on the lives of countless Iraqi civilians exceeded $103 million on projects that included the construction or renovations of more than 50 schools, nearly 74 water and sewage projects, eight health clinics, 32 road projects, 25 electricity and power projects, 25 business and 23 government renovations.

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Old Bill Chips (Hoofbeats) link in archive drop down menu to several editions

So far our newsletter is actually the best one I have come across as far as images go, probably more images of first squadron and regimental HQ because we were at FOB Caldwell. These OBCs are available on searches for download. If you collect this stuff these are excellent and show the timeline very well. They used to have a link on the Regimental webpage.

The Hoofbeats have to be on a hard drive somewhere and document a vast number of missions/events. I did find them online once but did not download and save.

The original links are below in a previous blog post.

386th Engineers

SGT Allen in ACE combat bulldozer and his cohorts in a "C" filling walls with dirt.

Gilman/Vasquez/Rojas all were a tremendous help for various projects. As usual logistical support may be unseen, but in the end is the key to success. I do not have any EOD unit designations and very few 386th EN info, like what company this actually was etc.

Link TXARNG Publication has one photo of 386th C Company in it.

What are they doing now

In Iraq and now.

20th Group Chinook Jump, former A/1/278th RCT XO.

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Use the drop down archive menu on left, click on photo to enlarge. There is alot now so might want to start from bottom/oldest if 278th member. Picasa slideshow will link 300 photos.

Infantry/CAV Scout Weapons

USMC (aka known as naval infantry 0311).
M4 and basic load in Balad ruz Iraq, kid staring hole in my back, Klika photo. I was 46 then and we had guys out on patrols age 59-61. We could not carry what you see below, especially at 8000 feet altitude. Iraq is almost the perfect mission for Guard Units as sustained force on force combat is not the norm.

.50 caliber chambering round for mission out of FOB Caldwell, good mount, it is for the .50 cal and not a MK19 one that left the gun loose and inaccurate after 5 round bursts.

Most of these are web photos but demonstrate what it is like to hump the iron and ammunition.

Javlin rounds,M240B on ruck, M4/203 combo and Bradley Fighting vehicle.


Dudes Movie

1/278th members video slideshow received from SGT Meigs an A Troop member. These guys obviously did both patrols and convoy escort, Cavarly troopers, yes they shoot back, not much has changed in that regard since Andrew Jackson or the Civil War in East Tennessee. The same is true of the 30th BCT North Carolina Guard guys you see in the video, we did right seat rides with them transitioning. They were a mechanized Infantry Brigade. Trying to add media as I get it. We were tasked heavily for escort duty being a combat arms branch unit and having many members not operating in their usual roles. Regimental Scouts/COLT team/FA all were put on "foot". We actually were quite mobile in the M1114 hummers but a hummer cannot search a building/hole/haystack/person it is a hands on deal, defacto Infantry, whether you are or not Infantry.

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Band of Brothers link Newsletter from 101st (online)

These are online and relate to the general area of operations we had so I put them on here for research purposes or general browsing. The second link is a list of many online items like these newsletters. Most are not so good but the Unit newsletters are okay, I saved the 11/2005 Change of Command Issue but the ceremony was in Tikrit of course 42nd ID TROA to 101st ABN.

Multi-national Force site with lots of links.
Anaconda Times, way after our time in the sand but here it is anyway.

Advisor link below has several 2005 issues in the weblink and of course deals wiht training the Iraqi Army.

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Google Map Jisr Naft, Diyala, Iraq (Mandali/Balad ruz)

It is quite extrordinary looking at this satellite photo almost three years later. We never got an aerial view so although we knew the features from on the ground when you see the amount of vegetation and the topography it kinda shocks you at how much of it there was.

Jisr Naft came up but Balad ruz did not, you can see the brick factory but someone who has not been there cannot ascertain the scale of it all. It was 15 kilometers to Balad ruz from FOB Caldwell/KMTB. Jisr Naft was about 800 meters along the highway, I mean not even a one stoplight town hardly. The distance from it to "ruz" which is Balad ruz is 25-30 kilometers, TCP4 was 10 kilometers from the FOB, (FOB Knott). The Brick factory is easily discernable but nobody who had not been there would recognize what it is.

There is another huge brick factory to the northeast of Bagdad, it is about four or five times as large as our huge brick factory, simply amazing if you have been in one. It is actually directly below the west side of Balad ruz one on TACO if you scroll south.

278th RCT attachment: A Company 250th Signal BN

A Deployment Ceremony was conducted on the parade field of Camp Shelby, Mississippi, for the 278th Regimental Combat Team (RCT) on 11 November 2004. The Regiment is from the Tennessee Army National Guard and is composed of units and soldiers from six states. New Jersey’s contribution to this Team is Company A, 250th Signal Battalion, Westfield, under the command of CPT Grindlinger. They will be deploying with the 278th RCT in late November for Iraq. The entire Brigade was assembled on line for the ceremony and the Governors of three states, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Wisconsin addressed the soldiers. The Adjutant General of Tennessee presented the Tennessee State flag to all unit Commanders (battalions/separate companies), as well as the State flag for each of their respective states. Also in attendance were the First Army Commander, LTG Honore; Chief, National Guard Bureau, LTG Blum; Director, Army National Guard, LTG Schultz, and the Commanding General of the 42nd Infantry Division, MG Taluto with the Division Command Sergeant Major (CSM). The Deputy Joint Force Commander, BG Carlini, the Commander of the 250th Signal Battalion, LTC Thomas, and the CSM of the Battalion, CSM Britt, represented New Jersey.

Another Pdf publication 3/278th RCT

This link and file are about 3/278th RCT operations, narrow in scope as it is a newsletter type publication with the usual 10-20 photos.