Saturday, January 5, 2008

15 minutes of fame, (the Hillbilly Armor/Great Rumsfeld controversy)

First Squadron had is fifteen minutes of fame but in the end the substance and enduring actions buried the hype and the reason was because of the Troopers "outside & inside" the wire. I repeatedly say this "Joe" goes where Joe is told. Once "Joe" gets there he morphs into anything from super trooper to hound dog in the sun depending on the immediate situation, it is called initiative, common sense, and uncommon valor. Anyone that knows Wilson knows he came off the street as a volunteer, with no rank, to serve, one of the many in the end out of 144 guys seven stayed SPC and I will take bets they were the last on the train out of the station. You get SPC for being prior service or having a degree. SPC is generally a hardworking rank with a touch of insubordination and attitude in the combat arms realm. The links below are to the Chattanooga TimesFree-Press archives and article on story.

Actual Article link

Below is link to interview with Wilson's Dad that followed the hype over the hillbilly armor question.