Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chaplain Jones annoucement (Church of God)

Chaplain Jones (on left) was on this Tomb mission and it was the worst day of the year (coldest), wet miserable and riding in a tin can M113A3. When we returned to FOB Caldwell he tripped and feel out of the hatch in the ramp onto the wet muddy ground and smiling said "what a perfect way to end this day", then walked off still smiling. Here we are eating the MREs, I think the only one I ate all year actually.

Chaplain (LT) Aaron R. Jones, a Church of God ordained minister, has been recently assigned as a chaplain with the 278th Regimental Combat Team (RCT), 1st Squadron. His Unit is a Tennessee-based National Guard Ground Reconnaissance Squadron, with heavy ties to personnel deployed who live in Cleveland and Bradley County, Tennessee, the headquarters city of the Church of God.
The Unit of which Chaplain Jones will be assisting is equipped with Abrams tanks, Bradley Cavalry Fighting vehicles, mortar carriers and howitzers. Chaplain Jones joined the 278th RCT at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, from his Maryland Army National Guard unit. He is an associate pastor of the Washington National Church of God, near Washington, DC. At the Church, he also serves as Vice President of the National Bible College and Seminary. Chaplain Jones is married and his wife Sharon serves on the staff of the Washington National Church and High School.
Chaplain Jones enlisted in the Army in 1988 and served on active duty and with the Army National Guard for 15 years prior to being endorsed by the Church of God Chaplains Commission for the Army Chaplaincy. Upon graduation from Army Chaplains School in April, 2004, Chaplain Jones returned to his Maryland Guard Unit and his responsibilities at the National Bible College and Seminary. While serving with his Maryland unit, he was notified of his recent selection to deploy with the 278th RCT.
Chaplain Jones has already begun providing ministry, through regular worship services and pastoral counseling. These are important days for Chaplain Jones, as he begins the long process of getting to know each soldier and becoming a part of their lives and the mission ahead.
"I am really proud to be serving with the men and women of the 278th and I look forward to providing ministry to these fine soldiers," states Chaplain Jones. He added, "They have been assigned a vital mission in defense of our country and it is my responsibility to provide them with the spiritual support that will strengthen and sustain them in the weeks and months ahead."
Dr. Robert D. Crick, Director of the Church of God Chaplains Commission, states, "I am well aware of the outstanding history and tradition of the 278th RCT. These National Guard soldiers are a part of America's finest and the Church of God is proud of being able to send one of our own Chaplains to serve along side our sons and daughters.”