Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bronze Star recipient (photo) SGT Betterton D/1/278th RCT

SGT Betterton's Bronze Star award ceremony photo.

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link to medal description

Sgt. Robert Betterton from Cordova, Tenn., a 95B military policeman, part of the newly formed 278th Brigade Combat team, was deployed to Camp Caldwell, Iraq. While on patrol near Balad Ruz with the Iraqi military, he and his unit were ambushed, where he got out of his vehicle and took cover in an irrigation ditch near the side of the road.
While under consistent sniper and insurgent fire, Betterton helped secure the casualty collection point. During the long battle, in which Betterton received many hits to his body armor, he ran out of ammunition and picked up an AK-47. He was first wounded when a round struck the AK-47, then struck his right wrist and the front of his body armor. He continued to battle with the well-concealed sniper when he was again struck in the rear of his upper leg.

SFC Stooksbury and 1LT Hancock were awarded Bronze Star Medals also. As was SSG Kennedy who was killed in action.