Sunday, January 6, 2008


Rounds out, it actually becomes automatic if you practice it with live rounds alot in simulated conditions, like 120 degree heat here at FOB Knott. We could not believe the number of ADs by the time we redeployed and it was not just the Fobbits either. You generally drop the magazine first so I can't talk to much smack this was for fun and I was done, generally you want to recheck again if done for the day, here we reloaded as it was off FOB, FOB Knott was not occupied I suspect because when they built it they pushed dirt from the inside out, SGT Allen of the 386th EN immediately saw it when he helped improve this range, the place filled with 2-3 feet of water if it rained. It had several hundred thousands of dollars worth of gravel that I wanted to move to the JCC so it was not a mud hole a third of the year. Never got around to it though.
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