Saturday, February 27, 2010

Balad Ruz 2007-2009

They can thank the Texas Engineers for that sweet HESCO barrier barricade along the main drag, and SFC Lowe/XO Andrews. now someone go get the gravel from FOB Knott and put it down and the job will be done.

SFC Bobbit, 1st PLT PSG

Outskirts of Balad Ruz, Iraq 2005, NC Guard mounting up, 2004. Top left first operational week for 278th RCT December 2004, day after Christmas. SFC Bobbit and RTO looking GI Joe Vietnam Backdrop Style. All they need now is a napalm strike on the palm trees.

West Point Graduates Deaths (Vic Baladruz)

These guys have taken a number of hits, West Point Graduates, indicative of the role of a second lieutenant being up front with their troops, more remarkable given we did not have anyone killed in Balad Ruz during our deployment, or the immediate vicinity. Now the Iraqis had dozens killed in the same period. Hind sight is 20/20 but I am thankful for the route clearing efforts of our tank platoon and others now and our general situational awareness and patrol posture, armed to the teeth would describe it mostly. It was not glamorous but the route clearing made all the difference looking back.

CPT Schiller was KIA during a small arms engagement, Capt. Torre R. Mallard was killed by an IED.