Sunday, January 6, 2008

Apache K-Mart (we were to poor to be a Wal-mart)

Binky, Sipes and I built this Shed so we could hide, sit, work on weapons, and store our junk, like a MIG ejection seat. All supply roads led to LSA Anaconda/Balad. It took about four hours to ride over and dodge the gaunlet of IEDs, traffic jams, etc. FOB Warhorse was the 3rd ID FOB in that AO.

That is Bldg 17 in the back, it housed the maintenance clerks and admin and had one big maintenance bay and the motorpool is to the left out of view. SGT Brinkley fixed not only half the Regiments weapons, but ODAs, and a huge array of Iraqi weapons from 57mm cannons to AKs by the dozens. A truely staggering amount of iron by the end of the deployment. He also had supply duties. He epitomizes the guys that probably physically should not deploy but who in the end contribute hugely to the effort. As I said who is going to go if you start culling the old/lame/injured? That would leave out a fourth of the Guard. He made it through 105 degree heat in Mississippi, and 130 degree heat in Iraq, drove up from Kuwait, drove to LSA Anaconda regularly (57 miles or so near Baqubah) and was also just a fun guy to be around. He is the reason I built the shed he deserved it. He lives he lives, (the quote when he arose from the dead having fallen unconscious in the latrine at Camp Shelby, of all places to crash onto the floor, nasty!)