Saturday, January 5, 2008

Boxing Champ and Silver Star Recipient

1st LT Tiedeman is probably remembered more from the greatest fight at Friday Night Fights (FOB Caldwell) by the Troopers in 1st SQDN. It was a classic fight, hardnosed "former" Marine against chain smoking career National Guardsman, CPT Stevenson, and like the firefight he won that one too. Big screen mano y mano challenge and response included. I had my head pounded good in the ring but may have been the oldest guy in it at 46, 16 oz. gloves, nut protector, head protector, it was brutal on the physical exertion front.
It was over 100 degrees at nine PM when these fights began and by the end of the first minute you were done except for the few and the proud. As for all the laughing spectators, hey at least we got in there for you shallow entertainment and so you fobbits could live vicariously through us Infantryman/combat arms Troopers.
There were at least three more Bronze Star Medals awarded in the APR 4th action. It is tough stuff when you get out of a hummer in buddy teams spread far apart and take on a superior force that is well armed and entrenched/concealed and LT Tiedeman will be the first to state he was not the only courageous soldier that day, by the way I like that blue cord "former Marine".
link to Silver Star medal description