Sunday, February 10, 2008

Infantry/CAV Scout Weapons

USMC (aka known as naval infantry 0311).
M4 and basic load in Balad ruz Iraq, kid staring hole in my back, Klika photo. I was 46 then and we had guys out on patrols age 59-61. We could not carry what you see below, especially at 8000 feet altitude. Iraq is almost the perfect mission for Guard Units as sustained force on force combat is not the norm.

.50 caliber chambering round for mission out of FOB Caldwell, good mount, it is for the .50 cal and not a MK19 one that left the gun loose and inaccurate after 5 round bursts.

Most of these are web photos but demonstrate what it is like to hump the iron and ammunition.

Javlin rounds,M240B on ruck, M4/203 combo and Bradley Fighting vehicle.