Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dudes Movie

1/278th members video slideshow received from SGT Meigs an A Troop member. These guys obviously did both patrols and convoy escort, Cavarly troopers, yes they shoot back, not much has changed in that regard since Andrew Jackson or the Civil War in East Tennessee. The same is true of the 30th BCT North Carolina Guard guys you see in the video, we did right seat rides with them transitioning. They were a mechanized Infantry Brigade. Trying to add media as I get it. We were tasked heavily for escort duty being a combat arms branch unit and having many members not operating in their usual roles. Regimental Scouts/COLT team/FA all were put on "foot". We actually were quite mobile in the M1114 hummers but a hummer cannot search a building/hole/haystack/person it is a hands on deal, defacto Infantry, whether you are or not Infantry.