Friday, February 1, 2008

Google Map Jisr Naft, Diyala, Iraq (Mandali/Balad ruz)

It is quite extrordinary looking at this satellite photo almost three years later. We never got an aerial view so although we knew the features from on the ground when you see the amount of vegetation and the topography it kinda shocks you at how much of it there was.

Jisr Naft came up but Balad ruz did not, you can see the brick factory but someone who has not been there cannot ascertain the scale of it all. It was 15 kilometers to Balad ruz from FOB Caldwell/KMTB. Jisr Naft was about 800 meters along the highway, I mean not even a one stoplight town hardly. The distance from it to "ruz" which is Balad ruz is 25-30 kilometers, TCP4 was 10 kilometers from the FOB, (FOB Knott). The Brick factory is easily discernable but nobody who had not been there would recognize what it is.

There is another huge brick factory to the northeast of Bagdad, it is about four or five times as large as our huge brick factory, simply amazing if you have been in one. It is actually directly below the west side of Balad ruz one on TACO if you scroll south.