Sunday, December 30, 2007

"The Iraqi Army has Arisen" Iraqi Army status OCT 2005

The Iraqi Army has arisen, not quite what was envisioned. Parking lot training four hours a day, lets do first aid again today. One weeks leave every month, man don't I feel the chump. We get none all year while going without a beer. They can quit and go their way then return to fight another day. Progress is slow and the pay is low, but for an Iraqi farm boy it's a go. Dinar, food, working three weeks a month, even less when a religous holiday comes up.

Out to the TCPs they go wondering where the ammenities went, at the TCP the IA vent, no place for money to be spent. Sergeants are scarce, officers rarer, a man dress and goats now do not seem so bare. Stand up and take over from the occupier rather than a mercenary for hire. Coalition is the proper word, pass the referendum so we look good, there are even elections in a Shiite neighborhood.

Progress is measured but who knows how, the number of IA sent out gets politicians saying wow! Only 138,000 to go as our numbers seem to grow, more Americans on the ground, can't find an Iraqi when they look around. Joint patrols on the go. A supply system that just says no. It's ordered is an old cliche but not in the IA.

Stand up, Stand up, so I can leave! Stand up, Stand up please. Pump that oil get out the vote, womens rights are a joke. Iraqi politicians take their leave, no legislation ever conceived.