Thursday, December 27, 2007


I have found Malcolm Rios' book, Under the Gun, and one other written by Benjamin Buchholz from Wisconsin , 127th Infantry 2nd Battalion, (Private Soldier)
Generally scrolling through the first seven pages of amazon or barnes and nobles will get you a list of books out there or a search on Iraq in general for books. Quite a few shoot them up books which of course is the exact opposite of what we did most days, but as I say you can send us where you want, it is not our fault that nobody presented themselves for shooting as for driving up and down the road that was just dumb being that we did it for four years or more before a major change of strategy, aka the surge. Of course Lee Pitts articles are availabe but if seeking better information try blogs or Hoofbeats magazine etc. If really serious contact the Regiment public affairs officer. I have not begun to look up the Texas unit members blogs yet, 386th Combat Engineers. I encourage writing up memoirs even if short stories or they will never be told.