Sunday, May 16, 2010

The XO at Fort Sill "Check or Hold" 2010 and a walk through 2005

The man, the myth, the legend, he sweet talked the Iraqi women from being suicide bombers with his charm, then he hardened the Balad Ruz ING HQ, built the only live fire range used during the entire deployment to include grenading bunkers, got out the vote, and like Patton he was with J.E.B. Stuart in another life, previously as a cannoneer, unfortunately back then the rifles outranged the cannons so he was tragically shot dead at Chickamauga, he came back as Union mule skinner though. Currently he fires the said cannon seen here at the daily flag raising at Fort Sill, the honor goes to the those older than the cannon, or closest to that mark.

He re-enlisted only those that would take the Oath on the Iranian border within rifle fire range of the Iranian "elite" border patrol militia who screamed "Jihad" "Death to America" as the oath was adiministered, Hooooahs and Rebel yells being returned by the Tennesseans providing overwatch.

He sat inconspicuosly on the Tank main gun for the unit photo, and in the MiTT photo on his Hummer, A65 "always looking for trouble".

He commanded the elite secret American motorcycle assault team in Iraq, he is currently in training for the 20th Group bicycle attack sapper team, the bike frames are actually filled with high-explosives and magnetized so you can stick them to a metal bridge, or 550 cord them, this innocent looking model he is sitting on in a secret location is actually a weapon of mass destruction. Specialized now has a whole new meaning. (Special Forces had to have the word "Specialized" of course yielding the new "Specialized Special Forces" monikor).

Graduation Photo of the Field Artillery Career Course now included, truely a renaissance man, farmer, warrior, poet, lover, and athelete.