Sunday, October 26, 2008

Easy Squad I and II video links, OIF III video

These are two video links I ran across on YouTube posted by 278th RCT unit/attachment?
I do not know who they are or what Company it was though. It is a good photo documentation of the progression of the deployment and I am sure someone will recognize which unit it was. One can probably freeze the video and look for bumper unit designation and of course who was a the FOB mentioned. I primarily look for 1/278th info but gladly take anything I can get to post here.

If you do not know click and highlight on the links and then copy them to browser and paste.

Here is an additional video link

A different AO with more photos same brush different picture painted. These were Wisconsin National Guard INF and TX 386th CBT EN attachment. Wisconsin provided an Infantry Battalion for the Regimental Combat Team. Hoorah!