Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Friends in far away places

I thought you guys might like to see this photo, because it appeared in newspapers throughout the world yesterday, as well as in many papers across the US. Also, the New York Times picked up the Story along with Yahoo News from the Associated Press. Basically, we built a school in Jan Qadam, Afghanistan, which is nothing new, because it happens all of the time in Afghanistan and Iraq; however, the partnership with Calvert City Elementary School was the big hook that everyone bit on. Many of the Press had never heard of this happening before and wanted to cover it. Therefore, yesterday I was interviewed by seven different reporters. The only video that was captured was taken by the Armed Forces Network (AFN) and will air across Europe in 4 days and then on the Pentagon Channel in 7 days. Debbie Rae, I will send you a copy of the video in the mail for you guys at the school, as well as for WPSD TV if they want to use it, as well as photos. It was taken while the elders wereoffering a blessing and prayer for the new school year. The position of thehands is a sign of respect.
Take Care, Ken